• 2018: consultant assessment of the EU Justice Program (Ernst and Young)
  • 2018: consultant Council of Europe on preventing conflict of interest of the High Council of Justice of Georgia
  • 2018: consultant UNDP Kazakhstan on supporting the reform of the Judicial Academy
  • 2017: consultant UNDP Uzbekistan on comparative analysis of the work of judicial assistants
  • 2017: consultant USAID New Justice Ukraine on e-justice, selection of judges, monitoring justice reform and support to the State Judicial Administration (Chemonics)
  • 2017: consultant USAID Open Justice Project Moldova on selection, transfer and evaluation of judges and court excellence (Milennium and Partners)
  • 2017: consultant baseline study judicial reform (American Bar Association)
  • 2016: Team leader EU Criminal Justice project Georgia (International Consulting Expertise)
  • 2016: senior non-key expert (EPJUST II) assessment "Justice Zones" Quezon city - Manila/Philippines (Human Dynamics)
  • 2016: consultant consolidation of the justice sector policy development Ukraine (Council of Europe/EU)
  • 2015: Team leader technical assistance EU project to support the High Judicial Council in Palestine (Justice Cooperation Internationale - Paris)
  • 2015: short term expert EU ATRECO project Moldova (CILC)
  • 2015: consultant USAID ROLISP Moldova. Support to the implementation of the international framework of court excellence in 3 pilot courts (Checchi and Company Consulting).
  • 2014-2015: consultant training on court excellence and court performance monitoring and quality of the judiciary in Kazakhstan (UNDP)
  • 2014: training consultant on strategic planning High Judicial Council Moldova and court performance measurement (CILC - EU project Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency of Courts Project in Moldova (ATRECO Project))
  • 2014: consultant support to the justice-institutions initiative of the OECD (OECD)
  • 2014: court performance monitoring and evaluation Supreme Court of Kazakhstan (UNDP)
  • 2013 - 2014: Senior WB consultant Functional review justice sector Serbia (World Bank)
  • 2013: Justice sector reform support Morocco and Supreme Judicial Council Libya (American Bar Association)
  • 2013: Development evaluation method judicial performance evaluation Mongolia (Asia Foundation)
  • 2013 - current: Strengthening the capacity of the Supreme Judicial Council of Bahrain (American Bar Association ROLI)
  • 2013: Assessment of the Justice Sector Libya (American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative - International Legal Assistance Consortium)
  • 2012: Development Toolkit for court administration (Center for International Legal Cooperation)
  • 2012: short term expert Project Sedaya II Palestine's territories (Icon Institute - EUPOL COPPS)
  • 2012 - current: short term expert FAIR Justice project Ukraine (Chemonics - USAID)
  • 2011 - 2014: Separations of Powers Project Serbia (East West Management Institute - USAID)
  • 2011: technical assistance strengthening the capacity of the judiciary of Bahrain (American Bar Association RoLi and Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain)
  • 2011 - 2012: consultant Rule of Law project Ukraine (Chemonics - USAID)
  • 2011: Evaluation of the performance of judges and annual reporting judiciary Bahrain (American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative)
  • 2010: Evaluation of the performance of judges and quality of courts Kazakhstan (UNDP Access to Justice project)
  • 2009 - 2011 Justice Sector Support Project Serbia (World Bank - PREM Europe and Central Asia)
  • 2006 - current: International Framework of Court Excellence (International Consortium for Court Excellence)
  • 2006 - 2011: Justice Sector Benchmark Evaluations (American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Jordan, the Arab Council for Judicial and Legal Studies - USAID
  • 2006 - 2009: evaluation of the judicial systems in Europe (CEPEJ - Council of Europe - Strasbourg)
  • 2005 CARDS project Establishing of an independent, reliable and functioning of the judiciary and the enhancing of the judicial co-operation in the Western Balkans’ (Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia) (Council of Europe - European Commission)
  • 2001 The assessment of the judicial system of Croatia (Berlioz Consulting Paris - European Commission)


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