Pim Albers is closely working with other rule of law, governance and justice experts/consultants. They all share a common commitment towards achieving a better society, promoting principles such as good governance and the rule of law and justice for all. On this page you will find a list of dedicated experts/consultants and organizations supporting legal and judicial reform projects accross various continents of the world.

4 Digits Consulting” (“4DC”) is a non-government association, a part of the civil society sector in Serbia and worldwide, established to support reform of the judiciary and public administration. The organization’s members have extensive experience in Rule of Law projects, court efficiency and improved access to justice. Website:


Kate Harrison Consulting assists international justice organizations develop effective management and planning structures; analyze and improve their budgetary, information technology and human resources processes; and create strategic action plans.  The firm also develops and delivers management training to all parts of the justice sector.  Projects include World Bank- and USAID-funded projects in the Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Bulgaria), Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Indonesia, and Nigeria).  Website:

Lexchange (The Hague), is a not-for-profit consultancy with a focus on accountability, transparency and participation on regulatory governance (process, law and legislation, organization) and reform, in support of Good Governance, Rule Of Law and Anti-Corruption, targeted at countries in transition and development. Project activities comprise of assessments, reviews, capacity-building, counsel and training and have (thus far) been deployed in cooperation with the EU, OECD, OSCE and the Worldbank in the Balkans, the MENA-region, the Black Sea region.












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