Evaluation of the work of judges


Not only the general quality of the work of courts must be of a high level (as stimulated by the International Framework of Court Excellence), but the work of the individual judges too. Therefore, many judiciaries are investing in improving their methodology for appraising the quality and performance of individual judges.

Based on international standards, developed by the OSCE ("Kyiv Recommendations"), the Consultative Council of European Judges, the American Bar Association and others, Dr. Albers facilitated several countries (e.g. Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Mongolia, Serbia, Kazakhstan) in improving their systems and methodologies for evaluating the quality and performance of individual judges.

The recommendations for enhancement of judicial evaluations are focused on the following key criteria:

  • the knowledge and skills of judges
  • Communication skills
  • Learning ability
  • Decision making skills
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Management and leadership

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