Where we work

Our services are mainly focused on Eastern European and Central Asian countries(e.g. Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan), Asia (Philippines, Bangladesh), the Balkan region and the Middle-East North Africa region.

Project management and implementation

Management of EU funded or other international funded projects. Expert support of (justice sector) reforms and modernization of courts, prosecution services, High Judicial Councils, ministries of justice, assisted by European and International Organizations. Management of international projects (teamleader)

Policy advice and consultancy

High level policy advice and consulting services on justice sector policies (e.g. quality policies, e-justice, ADR, performance measurement and management). Strategic and operational planning. In the role of a senior short term expert, consultant or a senior non key expert

Monitoring, evaluation, knowledge sharing

Development of (justice sector or performance) indicators at local, national, regional and global level. Conduct of evaluation studies, impact assessment, monitoring of reforms. Delivery of trainings and workshops to justice professionals on various topics. Key note speaker and panellist for conferences.

Meet our leadership and owner

Iustus Consulting Services was established as a rebrand of Albers International Consulting, which delivered from 2014 onwards consultancy services in the justice sector around the globe.

Dr. Pim Albers

Chief Executive Officer and consultant