What we do

Albers International Consulting is a global consulting firm specialized in the justice sector and the judiciary. My core business is delivering services to non-governmental organizations (e.g. American Bar Association, the Asia Foundation, International Consortium of Court Excellence), European and International organizations (e.g. the World Bank, European Commission, OECD), other consulting firms and countries through projects on justice reform, justice sector assessments, the development of national and international justice sector performance indicators, the promotion of the use of court quality systems, the implementation of rule of law projects and the provision of assistance to councils for the judiciary, courts, offices of the public prosecution and ministries of justice. Read more

Monitoring and evaluation
Policy advice and consulting
Training and knowledge sharing

Development of (justice sector or performance) indicators at local, national, regional and global level. Conduct of evaluation studies, impact assessment, monitoring of reforms.

High level policy advice and consulting on justice policies (e.g. quality policies, e-justice, ADR, performance measurement and management). Strategic and operational planning. Short term expert and key expert services.

Support (justice sector) reforms and modernization of courts, prosecution services, High Judicial Councils, ministries of justice, European and International Organizations. Management of international projects (teamleader).

Organization of trainings for civil servants, justice professionals. Conduct of workshops, seminars and particpation as a speaker at conferences. Development of knowledge sharing platforms.

Where I work

My services are mainly focused on Eastern European and (central) Asian countries (e.g. Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Mongolia), the Balkan region and the Middle-East North Africa region.


"reform and improvements of the judicial systems around the world are absolutely required for guaranteeing equal access to and a high quality of justice for all"


Who we are

Albers International Consulting is established by Dr. Pim Albers. He has a proven track record in the area of international justice sector reform and assistance projects. Dr. Albers participated at several international conferences and published many articles, books and reports about the (evaluation of the) justice sector. Moreover he has contributed to the success of numerous national and international projects in the justice sector. Read more

Flagship products are the co-drafting of the International Framework for Court Excellence, the creation of an international user's guide for NGO's to evaluate justice sectors and a best practice's guide on backlog reduction and prevention of courts. Read more








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